Certification rules

WebMoney WM-Passport service has following rules for Initinal and Personal WM-Passport applicants who apllied and paid for WM-passport at the web-site from one of the Registrars who has right to issue WM-Passport with certified documents.

  1. only original certified documents must be sent to a Registrar.
  2. besides certified document (application for WM-Passport for private persons) there must be contact data of your notary (visit card or web-site) where phone number of the notary (in international fromat with country and city code) is specified.
  3. notary must certify only authenticity of applicant's siganture, without certification of data stated in the application form.
  4. applicants under leagal age (eighteen years old), must certify authenticity of the siganture ONLY in presence of one parent.
    1. List of Registrars who has right to issue Initial or Personal WM-Passports with certified documents