WMID 237371696349

Verification status: Personal passport
issued 23 May 2014
issued by
Secondary verification: completed
Since registration: ~ 9 years and 1 month
Special Notes:
WMID Information
Nickname: 237371696349
Registration date: 24 February 2011
The service status:
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Personal details
Last name: Budko
First name: Aleksej
Middle name: Aleksandrovich
Date of birth: 15 August 1967
Age: 52
Sex: male
Identification Number:
User location
City/Country: Новосибирск/Russia
Zip/Postal code: 630132
Street address: Челюскинцев 30, 125
Legal identification
Issuing country: Russia
Number: most probably the passport/ID has expired
Date of issue: 25 January 2013
Issued by (issuing authority): отделом УФМС России по Новосибирской области в Железнодорожном районе города Новосибирска
Contact information
Mobile phone:
Jabber ID:
Web site:
Verification rights
Right to issue Initial passports: the user has this right but at the moment he does not issue passports