What is WebMoney Passport?

Settlements between the users of WebMoney Transfer System occur remotely. Often parties do not know each other and can not meet in person. Not surprisingly, at the beginning the issue of trust becomes an essential matter. Is it safe to transfer funds? Is the recipient a fraudster? And who is the mysterious person hiding behind the twelve digits of WMID? In all of these and many other questions the WebMoney Passport service will help.

WM-Passport is a digital identification document, certified with signature sample of WebMoney transfer System user, which contains personal data of the owner: Last, First and Middle names, passport and contact information. Wm-Passport confirms that it's holder is a real person. Depending on quantity and verification method of the information provided by System user, there are different WM-Passport types. Higher WM-passport status provides higher trust from other System users, thus higher WM-Passport provides more features offered by WebMoney Transfer System.

Inspection of the WM-Passport of any WebMoney Transfer System user can be done at the WM-Passport service web-site after input of WMID or purse number.

Any system user can place at personal web-site an icon, that confirms presence of proper WM-Passport type.